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The Leader in the Political Television Space

D2 Media Sales is a joint venture between DIRECTV and DISH, and was founded in 2014 to create a scalable household addressable TV platform for political advertisers. We reach over 20 million households across 210 DMAs nationwide.

Target specific households based on demographics or voter registration, all in a privacy-compliant way. That means you can serve your message only to the best qualified audiences however they’re watching TV.

Make every impression count. Buy political TV ads more effectively by reaching voters with zero waste.

How Addressable Television Works

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Define & Segment

Identify your target audience with demographic or voter registration data.

Deliver Image

Deliver Media

Reach only your target households, ensuring your campaign’s efficiency.

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Addressable Ads

Ads will only air when your target is watching, meaning zero wasted impressions.

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Measure & Optimize

Use campaign results to make your future campaigns perform even better.

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